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Plagiarism in K-Pop

Plagiarism of journalistic and academic pieces is not something one may consider a new concern, especially because it has long been a common malpractice that many commit either intentionally or unintentionally. It might be surprising to know, however, that even in the world of K-Pop, plagiarism issues on artists’ songs and music videos are recently becoming the center of much controversy. For almost every latest release, accusations of plagiarism seem to tag along‒ thus tainting the artists’ reputation.

An opinion article from OMGKPOP about K-Pop music falling into a case of plagiarism plague draws balance between the illegality of plagiarizing music with the socially-acceptable arguments as to why artists often end up doing this unlawful practice.

Differences in the album production process of American and Korean artists, especially when it comes to maximizing the allotted time for album preparations, are shown in the article as primary factors leading to plagiarism.

Considering that the author is actually a K-Pop fan herself, it is commendable how she was able to write the article without letting her bias towards the artists take over objectivity. She admits that although a lot of accusations normally don’t have factual basis, many appear to be seriously questionable.

As supporters of K-Pop, fans tend to put too much faith on these artists and blame the producers instead for not carefully filtering tracks before releasing the albums. However, as what was mentioned in the article, a reputation damaged once will be hard to fix no matter who is at fault.

The author makes a clear point in saying that it is not enough for K-Pop artists to simply use an iPhone application to screen songs before they are released. I agree that probably the best way to avoid plagiarism is by actually getting themselves involved in the songwriting and album production process.

K-Pop is a very fast-paced industry with new hits coming out week after week that the article points out how unintentionally lifting lines from another song or inadvertently copying choreography may sometimes be inevitable. It’s also a matter of competition, of releasing new albums and videos sooner than the rest.

In the end, the author leaves it to the listeners to weigh whether quantity is preferred over quality. Personally, I would willingly wait even if my favorite artist takes quite longer to make his comeback just as long as he wouldn’t be caught in a plagiarism act when he does. I am an ultimate die-hard fangirl, but when it comes to ethical matters, I will always be for what is right and fair.


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In 2008, I became a fangirl.

“Neon nareul wonhae, neon naege ppajyeo
(You want me, you’ve fallen for me)
Neon naege michyeo, hae eo nal su obseo
(You’re crazy for me, you can’t break out)
I got you~ under my skin”
(I got you~ under my skin)

I remember my sister playing this particular song repeatedly for days that it eventually got stuck in my head. For artists I had no background of and lyrics I totally didn’t understand, I can say that K-Pop music had an amazing charm that instantly sparked my curiosity. Not long after, I found myself researching about the different artists, following their activities in and out of Korea, downloading albums and concerts, watching music videos, and even trying to memorize the lyrics so I could sing along. This was when I knew that the K-Pop world has gained yet another fangirl.

As tribute to the Korean artists/groups who have shown me what passion really means since I was first introduced to their music two years back, I decided that my blog would put in the spotlight one artist/group per week (or depending on how often we’d be asked to update our blogs). They could be those who have already made a name globally or those who are still on their way to K-Pop stardom. Aside from a short history and my personal opinion on each artist/group, I also plan to include photos, videos, and audio for a more interactive experience.

Just this year, K-Pop has been making itself known in the Philippines as well. In line with this, I intend to feature the artists/groups who have recently visited the country (like SHINee, Super Junior, U-Kiss, & Beast) for more familiarity.

(Photos from Asian Fanatics)

I am hoping that through this blog, non-K-Pop fans will likewise learn to appreciate their music. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be the newly-converted fangirls and fanboys tomorrow.

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