In 2008, I became a fangirl.

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“Neon nareul wonhae, neon naege ppajyeo
(You want me, you’ve fallen for me)
Neon naege michyeo, hae eo nal su obseo
(You’re crazy for me, you can’t break out)
I got you~ under my skin”
(I got you~ under my skin)

I remember my sister playing this particular song repeatedly for days that it eventually got stuck in my head. For artists I had no background of and lyrics I totally didn’t understand, I can say that K-Pop music had an amazing charm that instantly sparked my curiosity. Not long after, I found myself researching about the different artists, following their activities in and out of Korea, downloading albums and concerts, watching music videos, and even trying to memorize the lyrics so I could sing along. This was when I knew that the K-Pop world has gained yet another fangirl.

As tribute to the Korean artists/groups who have shown me what passion really means since I was first introduced to their music two years back, I decided that my blog would put in the spotlight one artist/group per week (or depending on how often we’d be asked to update our blogs). They could be those who have already made a name globally or those who are still on their way to K-Pop stardom. Aside from a short history and my personal opinion on each artist/group, I also plan to include photos, videos, and audio for a more interactive experience.

Just this year, K-Pop has been making itself known in the Philippines as well. In line with this, I intend to feature the artists/groups who have recently visited the country (like SHINee, Super Junior, U-Kiss, & Beast) for more familiarity.

(Photos from Asian Fanatics)

I am hoping that through this blog, non-K-Pop fans will likewise learn to appreciate their music. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be the newly-converted fangirls and fanboys tomorrow.


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Plagiarism in K-Pop

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